Bruce Peninsula National Park


The weekend after our successful canoe-camping trip, we joined several of Marella’s lab mates and their respective better halves for a camping trip in the Bruce Peninsula National Park on the Georgian Bay.  The 8 of us left work early for the 4 hour drive to the tip of the Bruce Peninsula, stopping in Wiarton (home of the Canadian counterpart to Punxsutawney Phil) for burgers and ice cream. Luckily, we were able to get our campsites established and marshmallows roasted before the beginning of the torrential downpour that lasted through the entire night.  Saturday, we awoke to cool and overcast (but dry!) weather for our hike on a section of the Bruce Trail.  We stopped many times along the way to enjoy “The Grotto,” rocky beaches, cliffs and views of the Georgian Bay; it was not hard to imagine yourself on the Pacific coast rather than Lake Huron. That evening we cooked dinner by grill and campfire, tried to perfect the S’more, and laughed and laughed and laughed!  Saturday was a gorgeous, sunny day.  We left the National Park and hiked another segment of the Bruce Trail further south on the peninsula just outside the town of Lion’s Head.  Again we were rewarded with views of the cliffs along the Bay and the most amazing blue-green waters.  After stopping for ice cream again at the walk-up burger shack in Wiarton, we returned to the reality of Toronto early Sunday evening.  What a fun group of really great people we have become friends with here in Canada!