Frontenac Provincial Park


We decided to spend “August Long” weekend on a more substantial canoe camping trip compared to our previous trip to Joe Perry Lake in Bon Echo Provincial Park in May. We chose to visit Frontenac Provincial Park in eastern Ontario.  Unlike the other parks we have visited thus far, Frontenac has only backcountry camping sites.  The plan for this trip called for several portages: a 900 m (0.56 mi) on Saturday and 900 m and 340 m (0.2 mi) on Sunday.  Each time we shouldered our packs and the canoe to carry everything to the next lake.  The canoe does afford us the opportunity to carry a small cooler and camp chairs, which we really enjoy in camp, but everything adds to the weight of the portages.  Again, Timber really liked the canoe and was a natural in the boat.  We spent Saturday night on Little Clear Lake and Sunday night on Doe Lake.  It rained on and off on Saturday, but before taking off Monday, we celebrated the sunny skies and warm weather with a swim in Doe Lake.

Click here for a map of FrontenacFrontenac_files/FrontenacMap.pdfFrontenac_files/FrontenacMap.pdfFrontenac_files/FrontenacMap_1.pdfshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1