The Georgian Bay,

The Massasauga, Aug. 2012


     For this trip in The Massasauga Provincial Park, we set out from the Pete’s Place Access Point in the south end of the park.  An advantage of the campsites in the Bay that are accessed from Pete’s Place is that there are no portages to get there, so we splurged on our gear and brought our camp chairs and two burner camp stove.  Also, Pete’s Place is a bit closer to Toronto, so we got a decent start and made our way through Blackstone Harbour, Woods Bay and the busy channel filled with motor boat traffic leading into the Georgian Bay.  Once in the Bay, we found navigation somewhat tricky because it is hard to find landmarks to orient yourself.  We spent a little more time than usual consulting the map to make sure we were alway on course.  We stayed to the south until we passed Pleasant Island, where we turned north into the small bay on the south side of Sharpe Island and then paddled our way to our camp site for the night, #327.  Upon arriving at our campsite, we decided to cool off with a swim in the bay, which did not last long once we realized we were not swimming alone: Marella found a snake in the water! (The hot sun forced us back into the water repeatedly that afternoon, but we remained wary!) 


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     After a hot, rainy night, we broke camp and paddled around the islands to camp site #336 to the west of Sharpe Island.  While this camp site does not offer a very flat place for your tent or the picnic table, it does have an expansive sandy beach with excellent swimming.  It is also quite secluded.  We spent the day alternating between reading and swimming, and as the sun set, we were treated to fantastic lighting of the a beautiful view from our small bay.       

     The next morning we circumnavigated our island in the canoe, checking out the cottages on the smaller private islands scattered about.  After lunch, we left our site and paddled around the islands between Moon and Sharpe Islands until we reached the channel back into Woods Bay and to the Pete’s Place Access Point.