Michael P. Latham, Ph.D.


The information below focuses on my professional life.  However, my wife and I have many other interests: hiking, backpacking, mountaineering, skiing and snowshoeing, and traveling.  Since moving to Canada in 2008, we have taken a number of canoe trips in Ontario.  I am also a runner, having finished several half- and full-marathons.  Check out the rest of our website to see some of our great adventures.



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Mailing Address

University of Toronto

Department of Molecular Genetics

NMR Centre, Medical Sciences Building, Room 1233

1 King's College Circle

Toronto, ON, M5S 1A8



CIHR Training Program in Protein Folding and Interaction Dynamics. Oct. 2011 - Present.

International Research Fellow.  National Science Foundation.  Oct. 2009 - Oct. 2011.

Molecular Biophysics Training Grant. National Institutes of Health/University of Colorado, Boulder.  May 2004 - May 2006.


Post Doctoral Research Fellow

Department of Molecular Genetics, University of Toronto

Advisor: Prof. Lewis E. Kay, FRS

July 2008 - Present


“Developing Improved Methods for Structural and Dynamics Studies of RNA by NMR Spectroscopy”

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Colorado, Boulder

Advisor: Prof. Arthur Pardi

August 2003 - August 2008


Hampden-Sydney College

August 1995 - May 1999

Miscellaneous Scientific Work Experience

Research Chemist I

Macleod Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

October 2001 - August 2003

Long-Term Substitute Teacher

Mecklenburg County Va Public Schools, Bluestone High School

May 1998 - July 1998