Provoking Lake 2009, Algonquin


To continue our Canadian Thanksgiving tradition, we packed up our stuff and made the trip back to Algonquin to backpack the 3 miles to Provoking Lake via the Highlands Backpacking Trail.  After a couple of weeks of rainy weather, the sun was shining as we made our way to Provoking Lake.  We set up camp at the same site as last year, and fortunately, we brought a tarp to make an extra shelter, because it was windy!  We kept warm by gathering and chopping wood for a fire, which (along with the wine!) kept us cozy all evening. Shortly after dark, it started to rain, which froze on the tent and tarp in the morning.  We enjoyed the windy morning by the lake, packed up our stuff and hiked back to the car, arriving just before the snow flakes began to fall.  On our way back to Toronto, we stopped in Dwight to buy fudge at the fudge shop and then at Weber’s outside Orilla for burgers. Although the fall colors were great, they weren’t quite as good as last Thanksgiving.  And we still miss Colorado Aspens!