Provoking Lake, Algonquin Provincial Park


The forecast for a weekend of great weather, after a couple weekends of cold wet weather, got us out of the city and back into the Algonquin wilderness.  The fall foliage color report indicated that the sugar maples were past peak color, but many of the other types of trees were starting to change colors, promising awesome fall colors.  Instead of the grueling 8 mile hike we undertook in our last trip, we hiked a leisurely 3 miles on Saturday to Provoking Lake via the Highlands Backpacking Trail.  Since it was Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend, the park was a little crowded.  However, we found an excellent campsite on Provoking Lake with some rocks going out into the lake where we enjoyed relaxing in the sun and eating breakfast.  While the fall colors were amazing, the highlight of the trip was relaxing by the lake and seeing quite a show performed by a pair of loons, their calls echoing off the lake, as they swam by us on Sunday morning.