Smoke Lake to Ragged Lake, Algonquin, May 2010


We wanted to go on a spring camping trip and who better to join us than Lara and Paul!  After calling Bon Echo and Frontenac where all the sites were booked, we decided to drive up to Algonquin.  We chose the Smoke Lake to Ragged Lake route as there was only one short portage, and we wouldn’t have to be too organized (and we could bring LOTS of food and beverages!).  It was so rainy that Mike and Paul drove to the Mew Lake Campground to buy dry firewood while Marella and Lara loaded up the canoes.  It drizzled/rained the entire 1 hour 10 minute paddle down Smoke Lake, but we were so happy to be outside that it didn’t really matter!  We made sandwiches at the portage while the rain finally stopped.  We only saw two other campsite occupied on the 20-minute paddle across Ragged Lake to our campsite.  We chose the site on a narrow spit of land just south of the large island. It was a great site with lots of room and a breeze that blew the campfire smoke in one direction.  We set up camp and assembled the kabobs that Lara and Paul had marinated.  They were delicious...and paired with cous cous, it was the perfect canoe-camping dinner!!!  We spent a very leisurely morning around a campfire and got back into the canoes just as it started to rain again.  This time the Ragged Lake paddle was wet, while the Smoke Lake paddle was merely foggy (although crowded--not sure where they all came from!).  This was a perfect weekend: great canoe route, great friends, great food and wine and sooooo relaxing!