Weminuche Wilderness 2006


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Mike and I thought that Dad would love this trip.  He hadn't been backpacking since his years in the Boy Scouts and since we all needed some training for the Pikes Peak Ascent in August, we invited him along.  We "lured" him in with promises of fly-fishing and the suggestion of renting a satellite phone so that he could keep in touch with the outside world.  In the end we talked him into it, and Dillon and Dad met us on the way to Silverton.

The week was amazing.  We started out in the pouring rain and clouds so thick that we couldn't see anything.  But then the sun came out and we were blessed with day after day of cloudless skies.  There were fish, as we had promised Dad, and Kathy taught us a lot about backpacking and camping in the wilderness.  Dillon and Timber definitely had the time of their lives, and I think the rest of us had a trip that ranked right up there! I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful place or more perfect companions for this trip. 

Trip Overview: (by Marella)

This summer I wanted to go on a week-long backpacking trip. I had never been out for more than 6 days and that was with a large group on a trip I had no hand in organizing. Kathy heard that Mike and I were planning a trip and she asked if she could go along.  Apparently it is hard to find people who want to go out into the wilderness for 8 or 9 days.  Imagine!  So the planning began...well, actually, I asked Kathy where we should go since she had all the expertise!  She suggested several different places and in the end we chose the Weminuche Wilderness in southwest Colorado. She had been twice before and had completely fallen in love with the area.  The wilderness is a very large place and we wanted to backpack in a part of it that would be new to Kathy.  She called up the rangers and they suggested that we leave from Silverton and hike down the Vallecito Creek valley.  We looked at the topo maps and decided to also hike up the Leviathan drainage so that we could climb Storm King Peak (13,752 ft), with the possibility of summiting other peaks close by.